Mirta Recipes Cookbook

Mirta recipes cookbook is a collection of culinary secrets acquired through a lifetime of cooking for multiple generations. The meals you will find here are convenient, easy to prepare and delightful. You have high probabilities to find here the recipe you are looking for; press de lens at you right to start

The history behind this cookbook

Mirta recipes cookbook is a collection of recipes that have been in our family for generations; some of them passed from mother to daughter and from father to son, others (the majority) compiled by my Grandma through her entire life and right now we want to share it with you.

What makes great this collection is the fact this is not just a cookbook; it is actually a family legacy; it is the work of a lifetime on the internet. In the way all great things start, this cookbook was not intentionally made to be published. It started as a compilation (created by my Grandma) of our family cooking secrets and the recipes the family enjoys more. After years of working in paper (became to have a huge book, impossible to fit in any cabinet), we (her family) could appreciated the value of her intense work and join together to share it via the internet, hoping her labour can assist with ideas and inspiration to other families all over the world.

In this cookbook you may find a diverse set of recipes made from a wide selection of ingredients. As you may note, it is thoroughly organized, but is not based on an specific theme, region, cooking style or culture. The only filter applied was if our family like it or not; and since our family is huge and their roots are coming from very different origins, probably yours will like this recipes as well.

You may find here recipes for all occasions, tastes and cooking skills. From a single pie or rice to a complicated cake or honey chicken, and many more that will make your mouth water. We will appreciate if you comment and rate the recipes you like (or dislike). You can also download my eBook or subcribe to our newsletter to be updated about new coming recipes. We do not have time (nor intentions) to spam.

Last, but not least; this is not just a static release but a project in continuous development. As of now, we have a very decent amount of recipes to browse through and since my Grandma loves to cook, this number is increasing each week. This cookbook is a family legacy we are glad to share with you, and a place where scrumptious recipes will come to your palate. I hope you enjoy this recipes compilation as well as we do every day.


Our family.